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>     Actually, according to  an article in this month's Playboy ( yes, I do 
> read the articles, believe it or not! ),  projecting for the present from 
> the last population census, in America, dispite there being  now slightly 
> more women than men, sex ratio -wise, for every 100 *single* women here 
> are 120 *single* men.

wow those numbers seam really skewed.  I remember the average was supposed 
to be 102-104 men born to every 100 women, with the surplus dying off young 
leaving men the minority again, but how did it get to 100 single women to 
120 single men?  Did the article explain?

>       In more stressful times like war or famine, etc,  there are more 
> females than males born in a reproductive population, because we males are 
> weaker genetically ( guys only have one X chromosome, as opposed to the 
> two that women have ), and also because it would *always* be far easier 
> for females to find a mate in tough times as opposed to men, because of 
> the classic biological Sperm - to Egg disparity rule.
>      Yet when times are good, even though more males die than women at 
> birth, more men will be born than women, so that ratio, while not very 
> great population-wise , is noticeable ( ratio is slightly reduced and 
> offset by things like female immigration, etc.  ) . So if you are a guy in 
> America today,  even though there are statisically more women than men ( 
> and excluding several other factors....~_^ ), that still means that every 
> time you see a pretty, attractive, or at least halfway decent looking 
> woman, chances are good that she already has a boyfriend, or is currently 
> dating someone - that is, if she isn't with you to begin with!
>  ( You think  finding a date is hard now if you're a guy, by the year 
> 2015, In China, there will be 30 MILLION frustrated single guys because of 
> that country's infamous "one child" rule, which favors sons, and resulting 
> high abortion rates of female fetuses. It's a Huge Sociatal Disaster 
> waiting to happen. But  you know, Supply and Demand.....I predict, instead 
> of being worthless, Chinese girls will then be worth far more than gold! 
> Better stock up now on your frozen Chinese female embryos folks! )

    Well if China decides to go into expansion mode, which several 
indicators are pointing to, they will have plenty of supply for their human 
wave attacks without having to worry too much about the nasty problem of 
widows and orphans.  The West has its own problems to worry about though. 
Despite past worrying over overpopulation, much of the west's population is 
actually contracting, by choice.  Think that Chinese girl is going to be 
worth more than gold, just wait until the typical European or Japanese 
worker becomes financially responsible not only for his own life but that of 
at least 6 other retirees (4 grandparents + 2 parents) either through taxes 
or personal funds and this is not accounting for great-grandparents which 
are becoming a lot more common.

>     Even though it will *always* be  easier for a woman to get a boyfriend 
> than a man to get a girlfriend, I recently read that presently in America 
> there is more numbers of women remaining single ( and sometimes 
> childless ) than men now. Hmmmm....
>  Anyway, who needs real women and "Soulmates" -  I myself have my very own 
> Magical Anime Girlfriend - who by the way,  materialized out of my TV set 
> after I bought a Enchanted Hentai DVD from a mysterious store in Chinatown 
> last year.
>  And as long as I keep the disc clean, I have no complaints.... : )
>  Damon
> Ofer Hirsch Gill <oferhirsch.gill at gmail.com> wrote:
>  More females than males? I keep hearing this statistic everywhere I go, 
> is
> there a reason for it being true.
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