[MA-SOC] Let's plan Otakon 2007!

Danny Minhas sejiro at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 18 06:52:57 EST 2007

Sure thing, I'll let you know.

Rymel <rymelsleeps at gmail.com> wrote: if you don't have anyone lined up for them, and they're doubles or
better...i'd like unload at least one of those off of your hands.  i have
some king single rooms with occupants who'd prefer double rooms that i'd be
willing to pass off to anyone else if i could get holiday inn double rooms.

On 1/17/07, Danny Minhas  wrote:
> I might be canceling my 2 rooms at the holiday inn cuz I have a suite at
> the hyatt.  It all depends how things go with the job.  As long as that is
> going well, I can afford the suite and I'll cancel my rooms at the Holiday
> Inn.
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