[MA-SOC] What is the agenda for the 28th?

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Tue Jan 16 23:55:56 EST 2007

The "Nodame Cantabile" anime just started, I've alrdy grown an affinity to 
it because the anime staff is the same as that of "Honey & Clover".  Both 
are comedies taking place in a university, one is about music and the other 
is art, but Honey & Clover concentrates more on romance, or bitter-sweet 
unrequited love rather.

For me, two new shows to look forward to are "Claymore" and "Blue Dragon" 
(Apr), plus Naruto (Shippuu-den) and Bleach would go back to the main arc.

For now, many anime/dramas are keeping me busy, espeically the new drama 
"Haken no Hinkaku" (the Dignity of a Temp) is a must-watch.


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> >Anyway, a really good shoujo/mecha series that I've been turned onto is
> >called Soukou no Strain.  It's really good (and usually I can't stand
> >mecha series) and I have to say that I've become quite addicted to it.
>Heh, I suggested that one on the Workers' list just the other day, don't 
>know if it'll make it though. *hopes* It's a show that kinda rips your 
>still-beating heart out every other episode, right? But still we go back 
>for more. *sigh*
> >Correct me if I'm worng but I seem to remember "Fate/Stay Night" and "D.
> >Gray-Man" were already shown at prior meetings (first 2 eps of each) and
> >since "Fate/Stay Night" is already licensed it doesn't seem very new.
>You are correct, we have shown the first two eps of each of those series. 
>The licensing doesn't necessarily imply oldness, as several shows that 
>premiered last Winter/Spring are coming out now, but it's a factor. 
>Personally, I wouldn't get too worried that we're "missing out" on the 
>stuff that just started in Oct. or Jan., since at least two more slots will 
>open up around April/May. We'll get the good stuff in there one way or 
>another. *rubs hands in glee*
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