[MA-SOC] How to find your soulmate

Louis Wellington II louiswellington2 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 16 22:20:29 EST 2007

    Ofer, just be yourself!  :)   You don't necessarily have to push yourself to be this wonderful man that Anthony is describing. Just:  
  -Do activities that get you out of the house at least once or twice a week. But please explore honest interests. No cooking or dancing classes! If you don't actually like to cook or dance, don't do it (of course, if you love to cook or dance, it is perfect.) Nobody likes a fraud. 
  -And please be very picky with any woman that you would choose! It is much better to be single than to settle. Trust me, you want to choose only the very best. There would be many fewer divorces in this country if people just chose carefully. Relationships CAN be how you have dreamed it. Just have faith that your type of woman exists. No person is perfect, but if you pick up flaws immediately, that does not bode well. Imagine when she ISN'T trying to impress you! And if you think that you don't deserve the best woman on Earth, make changes so that you will be worthy of her. When Lindsay Lohan comes around, you better be buff!  ;o)
  -No premarital sex (and that includes oral!) Geez. Ok, maybe engagement sex, but not before that. I have talked to many straight men of all ages about this and NONE of them said, "Oh yes, that whore that I fucked on the first date, she's my wife of 30 years now." When it starts out as sex, it never goes any deeper than that. Straight women are taught to cherish their sexuality and to keep it sacred. Straight men should do the same. I'm gay and even I won't fuck unless there's some type of ring involved. Shit........ 
  -Provided that you get yourself out there every couple of days, retreat into your world of video games and animé as much as you like! Do what makes you happy. I promise you, there is a girl out there right now, playing with her Wii and wishing that a guy she knew (who she was interested in) liked the same thing.
  -TALK TO MANDISA! She is an actual woman. You can't get better advice than that. Q is a woman, too!

  P.S.   Once you leave New Jersey, your social life will improve A LOT! Unless you are in an accessible part of Hoboken, it is a bitch to get around NJ.

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