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Ofer Hirsch Gill oferhirsch.gill at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 17:51:31 EST 2007

Zoh, That's a great idea! Nothing wrong with meeting up with people you'd
otherwise be uncomfortable talking to... (And knowing I'm not talking to
someone underage is another bonus.) Oh yeah, and what is Katsucon? I've
heard of it, but know nothing about it...

Vinny, you're ex experience sounds rough. My memory of dating is slowly
returning and... I recall dating someone similar to your ex. Miss
My-Way-or-Nothing was plain aggravating and boring. I'd have probably
turning into a looney bin freak if I was still dating her. (Note to self:
Make your expectations clear at an early point in the relationship, and
don't be afraid to breakup if she pushes your limits too far. It'll save
trouble for the both of you later on in life.) Still no memory recollection
of how I met her or initially got her interested in me, though perhaps
that's a memory I'm better off not recalling...

Rob, sounds like excellent advice to balance your time and interests with
hers. Who knows? Maybe I could get interested in something else from
spending time with her!!! However, my biggest trouble at the moment is how
to meet this person in the first place... I could be the perfect man for
someone, but what good is it if I have no means of meeting up with her? For
now, I'll take my problems one at a time...

- Ofer

On 1/15/07, Zoh <metasomatic at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/15/07, Mandisa Washington <mandisaw at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > Might try just working on talking to women like people, and listen to
> the
> > stuff she/we say(s) like you actually care. We pretty much work on the
> same
> > basic principles as guys in the initial meeting & talking stages. Once
> > you're through that part, it's all about charm and sincerity *grin*.
> > (Sondheim describes the difference between the two admirably and
> humorously
> > in the two princes from "Into the Woods", rent it, love it...)
> I agree with Mandisa, I think the best way to meet people for dating
> purposes is just to make friends with a bunch of people of your
> preferred gender. Try to think of ways that your interests overlap.
> Then you can do those activities and sincerely enjoy them, and other
> people will notice you enjoying them (which is attractive). In the
> case of otaku guys, usually talking to girls as friends is good
> practice. And if you can get your friends to introduce you to *their*
> friends, etc., dating chances are generally much better than if you
> just amble up to someone at a convention without any prior history or
> connection.
> I've been thinking that I would really like to hold a "21+ meet up" or
> something like that at a bar nearby the convention center one of the
> nights of Katsucon. Not specifically for purposes of dating, but just
> because it'd be nice to meet some folks in my age range, and whom I
> *could* think about dating without wondering if it were legal (cough).
> What do people think about this idea? Would you attend something like
> that at a con if it were properly organized and fun?
> Zoh
> > Mandisa
> >
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> > >
> > > Another Otaku lost to Warcarft. (Putting hat over my chest in
> mourning.) I
> > > could be next, but I'd rather pursue other avenues in life... I miss
> > having
> > > a girlfriend. I don't recall the last time I dated. It must've been
> too
> > > long. If I can know a woman the same way I've gotten to know my brand
> new
> > > Nintendo Wii, I'd be far better off in life.
> > >
> > > For those of you males lucky enough to date Otaku females, I'd like to
> > hear
> > > how you pulled it off. (It'd be nice to date a woman with some sort of
> > > overlaps with my own hobbies.) I fear dying alone if I do nothing but
> go
> > to
> > > work in the day, and do otakuish stuff at home by night. (Did I
> mention
> > that
> > > there are almost no females in the office where I work?) I'm also
> still
> > > bitter about that poorly organized Dating workshop I attended at the
> last
> > > Otakon, but I've ranted enough about that back in September.
> > >
> > > So one and all... Tell me your Otaku dating stories. I feel like I'm
> > > becoming the next Train-Man here, though I'm sure other Otakus are
> > > interested in hearing about this too. How did you pull it off? (Don't
> tell
> > > me you saved her from a bum on the train, anbd the rest was
> history...)
> > >
> > > - Ofer
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