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The paranoia angle does come into play through out the series, he sees the little blue monkeys every time his hikikimori-ness starts to get the better of him, and its also very significant to the ending -- in fact I'd argue that its more then just an angle and that it plays very heavily into the underlying themes. The main character does eventually start to openly admit that he is in fact a hikikimori to. 

*slight spoilers

As for the Welcome to the NHK / Genshiken comparison, which does get tossed around a lot, there is just way too much going on in welcome to NHK. Outside the "shut-in-gets-drawn-out angle", they do a very candid job of tackling topics such as spirituality and loneliness. Plus, the series explores a broader range of sub cultures in Japan; he becomes a MMORPG addict, falls trap to a pyramid scheme, and even accidentally gets caught up in an a suicide club.

Not to mention it has one of the most satisfying endings I've seen in an anime in years. Some people thought the series was a bit too depressing, but I think its mostly because we're so used to a story like this eventually being sugarcoated. 

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  Does anyone here watch Welcome to the NHK? I just
  finished disc one, and don't know what to make of it.
  The whole paranoia angle was interesting, but it
  seemed to be completely abandoned after maybe the
  second episode. As an exploration of the whole
  hikikomori phenomenon it had potential, but for the
  fact that the guy keeps insisting that he's NOT "one
  of them", and frankly the guy gets out of his
  apartment more than I do!

  So, minus the paranoia angle and the
  shut-in-gets-drawn-out angle, what you're basically
  left with is a Genshiken-like
  and in this regard Genshiken does a better job, if
  only because it is more realistic to me that a
  sheltered kid just entering college would not know
  what doujinshi or hentai is, rather than a 22 year-old
  guy who has not only been to college, but spends
  literally all day watching anime or on the internet

  Still, it's a fun show and I'll probably finish it
  (unless it really starts getting on my nerves), just
  curious as to whether or not the whole paranoia angle
  ever comes back in any significant way.



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