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Michael "TheZorch" Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 17:13:08 EST 2007

Alex Miller wrote:
> ooops!! I tried to post an image of what a Nokia 6030 phone looks like in the T-Mobile To Go prepaid plastic blister pack that you might find at CVS, J&R, Walgreens, etc....  it should be under $40.
> The T-Mobile web site currently has two prepaid phones for $39.99 and they come with a $25 airtime credit.
> The AT&T Go phone program looks similar but they add on $1.00/day each day you use the phone in addition to their $0.10/minute plan otherwise you pay $0.25/minute. AT&T has a Go phone on their web site for $9.99 that comes with $10 of airtime.
I use Virgin Mobile which works anywhere the Sprint does since the 
service piggy-backs off their network.  They have pre-paid plans where 
you can add extra time via a Top-Up card or via a credit card.  There 
are also no-contract monthly services giving you a certain number of 
minutes for each plus free nights and weekends.  Calls are usually .10 
cents a minute and text messages are .10 cents.  Phone prices range 
between $20 to over $100 depending on features like MP3 playback, 
cameras, and Instant Messengering.  There is a monthly $6 surcharge for 
the prepaid phones and to keep them activated you need to Top-Up once a 
month with a minimum of $20.

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