[MA-SOC] MangaSwap (was Upcoming events at Metro)

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Mon Apr 30 23:02:17 EDT 2007

since I just started reading manga I don't have any trades for that (I only have four manga series so far).
but I have a couple of dvds (maybe more) and I may like to trade my box series of slayers (vhs)..maybe even some others...so that would be good if you include that so we have a broader theme.

I would be interested in the info when available so I'll keep my eyes open:-)


> By mid-month I will come out with a final announcement stating the date and finalized terms of the first manga swap.
> Although so far we have been discussing the swap primarily in terms of swapping manga/manwha, several people have asked/argued for both flat-out for-cash sales and swapping other stuff, including tapes and DVDs.  Maybe.

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