[MA-SOC] Upcoming events at Metro

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Mon Apr 30 22:37:05 EDT 2007

I wasn't sure if you are referring to my cosi's suggestion but I was thinking more of like a meet up type thing rather then using the place for the anime lunch viewings though I did mention one could always ask them if they would accomandate something like that if you ever needed too ...but I was really thinking more in line of another alternative place a group could meet for food, conversations, checking out manga and stuff, for trading or whatever as you mentioned and hanging out that wasn't expensive and
had space for people to just hang with no time limits so that people can meet one another.

I haven't been to a lunch yet but at the picnic last year I had asked about it to get a sense of what it was like and I was told mostly people watch anime but not much in the way of socializing, chatting or meeting one another so I thought maybe metro should have an alternative now and then to help newbies (like me) and oldies meet where they can actually have conversations and such.

just a thought:-)


> Hmm, we're not really hard-up for screening space, honestly. Maui Tacos is at a transportation hub (33rd & 5th), it has heat and A/C (when it's working), it has enough moveable chairs and tables to hold about 30-35ppl comfortably, there's food on-premises (you can also bring in coffee or breakfast from outside), and there are no door-check/security issues.
> Someplace like a community room would be nice for a party or a workshop, since you'd have some kind of list of people to provide to security, food could be provided all at once, and as a one-shot event, transportation is less of an issue. Someplace like a cafe would be nice for a small-group discussion, since there's generally less moveable furniture and a smaller variety of foods (and less tolerance for outside food), as well as no/less available space to "take over" without affecting the other patrons.
> Thanks for the suggestions, though. We can always keep them in mind for some of the non-screening-type events.
> Mandisa

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