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If there is a sufficient nexus with anime or manga the Edogawa Rampo topic 
might be good for one of our future MoCCA Mondays (if you could make it down 
here on a weekday night).   Have any of his works been adapted to anime 

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> Manga swap!  Count me in for that one (provided I'm not traveling at the 
> time).  I have a fair amount of stuff that's actually not in English and 
> would love to be able to trade up if other people are interested.
> As far as panel/workshop ideas go -- I have a few of my own.  There's 
> actually a presentation I'm trying to get off the ground at a number of 
> the cons I'm going to, where I talk about Edogawa Rampo and his influence 
> on Japanese popular culture in general.
> I'm also hoping I can modulate my workload a bit so that I can join the 
> gatherings in person -- I hate not getting out of the house!
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>> Hello folks,
>> With the summer season coming up, we've got some plans for Metro
>> events that might pique your interest. In addition to our monthly
>> screenings at Maui Tacos, we've got our lecture & discussion series
>> hosted by the Museum of Cartoon & Comic Art (MoCCA) featuring local
>> industry and fan guests.
>> In the next few months, we're planning a manga-swap where Metro folks
>> can swap hard-to-find manga, an AnimeNext panel to acquaint fans with
>> the local anime scene, and an outdoor picnic & barbeque for July.
>> (ah, food and sunshine...) Of course, there'll definitely be movie
>> trips to some of the summer blockbusters, with plenty of fannish glee
>> for all. (Pirates, anyone?)
>> We're also brainstorming for possible social events at local
>> conventions, and panel- and workshop-style gatherings here in the
>> city. Naturally, if there's something you think a friend might like
>> to attend, bring them along. Many of our current members are here now
>> because someone dragged them along to a meeting or a movie, so you
>> never know.
>> Hopefully you'll find something to enjoy among our upcoming events,
>> but we'd like to know if there's anything else you'd like to see
>> happening at Metro Anime. Feel free to post to the list if there's
>> some kind of event that we can hold that might be interesting to the
>> general group. While we are kind of restricted in terms of venue and
>> cost (cheap/free is generally the rule), sometimes we're able to
>> arrange things in concert with another club or organization and thus
>> share the burden.
>> Ciao,
>> Mandisa
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