[MA-SOC] anime meet up-does anyone go?

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Sat Apr 28 12:02:02 EDT 2007

ahhh the old conflict of power struggle........as old as time....;-[

no just kidding, of course I have no idea what happened but that's too bad there
was some hala boo loo between them.

at least it ended the O.C, lol...I never watched that show but I already hated
it! arghhhhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

> Michael used to organize those meetings.  Then their new sponsor gave him
> the boot, leading to a bloody cycle of madness and revenge that could only
> be ended by the cancellation of "The O.C."   It was a dark time, and who are
> we to judge?

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