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I like a lot of the same shows you do -- I'm also digging Claymore a lot, 
though I can't help but feel that Claire is Vampire Hunter D after 
gender-reassignment surgery.

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> Hm.. I guess our taste are totally different.  Monster Princess I've
> glimpsed thru the episode and Lucky Star I visited the website, I wouldn't
> bother w/ either of them since the art don't catch my atttention.
> But for elaborate dance sequences, I think good ones are only limited to 
> the
> Disney ones you mentioned or strictly the openings and endings from anime 
> w/
> the best animation.  Usually in-episode dance sequences in anime are 
> nothing
> to brag about, w/ several frame repeating contiuously.
> Rich
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>>I think I've brought this up on the list before, but I'll do it again.
>>I have a "thing" about animated dance sequences.  I love them.  Its weird,
>>because I'm not particularly interested in live-action dance even though
>>its obviously far more impressive to do in real life than in a frame-drawn
>>cartoon.  But for some reason, animated dance numbers rivet my 
>>attention -- 
>>the Fantasia Rite of Spring sequence, the ballroom scene in Beauty and the
>>Beast,  A Very Goofy Movie (God help me, it was a crap movie, but the 
>>scene was awesome), and the opening credits to Hana Yuri Dango, Child's 
>>(original opening), and Haruhi Suzumiya all knocked my socks off.
>>I bring this up now because a couple of the new Spring season anime series
>>have comment-worthy dance sequences.
>>The first is "Lucky Star," whose entire opening credit sequence is a
>>disturbingly "pedo-licious" dance-and-cheerleading number.  I watched just
>>the credits five times in a row, I liked 'em so much.  I like the show as 
>>whole, too, though they are obviously trying to rip off Azumanga Daioh's
>>video success (Lucky Star is also an adaptation of a 4-panel newspaper
>>strip about knucklehead high school girls).
>>The second is the end credits to "Kaibutsu Oujo" (Monster Princess).  Not
>>entirely dance, but one of my favorite credit montages ever, with the 
>>character pirouetting around in her goth gown while maniacally swinging 
>>chainsaw around, and wolf-girl Lizar doing a particularly scandalous (and
>>well-animated) hip-hop grind-down in one shot (yeah, baby!).
>>Am I the only cartoon-dance fetishist out there?  Anybody got any more
>>noteworthy animated dances in recent anime to feed my predilection?
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