[MA-SOC] Jpn Drama (Spring 07)

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 22 01:06:04 EDT 2007

After an episode or 2, I've decided which Jpn dramas I would follow this 
season now,

Bambino! -- based on a Shogakukan manga, about a college boy from Fukuoka 
who dreams of becoming a good chef starts working in busy Tokyo restaurant 
and facing many hardships.  Matsumoto "Doumyouji" Jun fans should be 
delighted, I like him here quite much even I don't care about the live 
action HanaDan.

Watashi-tachi no Kyoukasho (Our Textbook) -- a creepy and mysterious school 
drama, very exciting.

Hanayome to Papa ("Father and the Bride", loosely) -- a comedy about a 
father who's still very strict w/ his 20-year old daughter even after she 
enters the working world, the only way to break away from her dad is to get 

Proposal Daisakusen (haven't watched this one yet, but from the good rating, 
this seems to be good)

Sexy Voice & Robo (based on the award winning manga) -- greatly losing 
interest on this one after ep2, kinda forcing myself to watch it for some 
funny and heartwarming otaku moments.  And I like Matsuyama "L" Kenichi a 
lot here as a geek.

Joudan ja nai ("You've got to be kidding me!") -- the Sunday night drama 
starring Ouda Yuji (several years after "Last Christmas"), about the 40 
year-old main character having just got married to a 20 year-old wife (Ueno 
"Nodame" Juri), his mother-in-law turns out to be his lover back in the 
school days, chaos and comedy ensue :)  Joudan ja nai!


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