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Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
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Unfortunately our society is close-minded and most human beings in general 
aren’t considerate of others.  The guy who spit out gum or leave garbage in 
public wouldn’t of the mess caused to the others, the guy-crazy people and 
money grabbing businessmen and politicians couldn’t care less about the 
effect of firearms as long as there’s money in their pocket (*cough* Dick 
cheney * cough)

Again my prayer goes to the victims.. and yes, I will say this, I feel sorry 
for Cho to an extent, despite the hideous act committed.

And as aforementioned, one of the Jpn drama that just started this season is 
rather dark, “Watashitachi no Kyoukasho” (our textbook), a middle school 
girl asked her teacher this question before she committed suicide, “Can one 
person change the world?”  I would like to be positive and do my part to the 
best of my ability, but there are lots of cynics out there.


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>The students, faculty, and staff at Virginia Tech did all they could do to 
>help Cho get the counseling he so desperately needed. But the willingness 
>to aid in your healing is a vital part of (mental) health. I don't think 
>Cho was ready to be helped, and there didn't seem to be enough prior bad 
>acts to warrant restraint and institution. There are a lot of "walking 
>wounded" out there, and who knows which ones will turn into mass murderers 
>and which will quietly self-destruct.
>While the NRA is a large lobbying force against restrictions on gun 
>ownership, even larger is the lobby of gun manufacturers. Most reasonable, 
>legal gun owners want to keep guns out of the hands of children and the 
>disturbed, and try to be part of any dialogue about appropriate gun 
>control. American gun manufacturers, on the other hand, have a desire for 
>non-regulation, regardless of the consequences or the impact on society.
>I'm a great believer in picking your battles, with an eye to only 
>attempting a task if success is likely. While it would be ideal to alter 
>people's attitudes towards each other (and themselves), that kind of 
>societal change can only be enacted over generations, if at all (recent 
>case-in-point, Don Imus).
>Instead, we should focus on changing and enforcing laws governing gun 
>ownership (including maintenance, training, and storage), since guns seem 
>to make it a lot easier to hurt/kill people without having to take the time 
>& effort to think about it. If there's an easy and quick way to kill, 
>people are much more likely to do it than if they had to get up close and 
>have some chance of getting hurt themselves.
>Yeah, I like mecha and I dig Dirty Harry, Alucard, and Wolfwood (owners of 
>BFG's) but they're storybook characters. And frankly, there's probably 
>something wrong with me (and with our society) because of the whole 
>guy-with-a-gun idolization. Wonder how much of what Cho did was motivated 
>by the thought that, if he had a gun, he'd get the respect and attention 
>that he'd probably been craving his whole life? Maybe if we paid more 
>respect to others (even geeks, weirdos, and "Muggles"...) they wouldn't be 
>so eager to go to extremes to get that respect, eh?
>This is too depressing...
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