[MA-SOC] Virginia Tech Tragic Event this morning

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 18 23:45:20 EDT 2007

Well, just how do the other modern democratic countries do it?  It seems 
Americans do not want to part w/ their guns no matter what the cost.  You 
don't hear common citizens around the world complaining not being able to 
carry a gun right.  I can't fathom what I would need a gun for, unless I 
want to do something criminal.  What are the chances one really needs a gun 
to defend their own life.  If you're scared of your redneck neighbor's rifle 
and feel safer and compelled to carry your own, wouldn't that easily turn 
into a shoot-out, I think it's a vicious cycle.  Actually this image is even 
scarier, everyone and anyone could just turning into a cowboy.

And come on guys, don't use dictators hell bent on eradicating a tribe as an 
example, those are a litte extreme.

Actually now that I think about it, I know what crazy people do in Hong Kong 
when they go berserk and flee and institution, they go out on the street, 
waving a knife and scream "I'm gonna cut you".. I remember those crazies :)


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>I'm still reeling from this myself.
>I actually am still in a university environment (law school), and I
>would be a sitting duck if this were to happen where I am. We have no
>security-there's a guy at the entrance, but I don't think he's stopped
>anyone in the history of Pace Law School, and our security guards are
>not armed. Scary.
>On the issue of gun control-I think this incident is an argument for
>more gun ownership, not less. Here's how I look at it: As I said
>above, were this to happen at my law school, I would die. If I had a
>gun, at least the odds would be even, and, even if I died, I would
>have gone down fighting instead of like a fish in a barrel.
>And, to those who think only the police should have guns: Please read
>and learn about how you have no individual right to police protection.
>I wonder if any of the cases mentioned on the web page would have
>happened had the victims been armed.
>Eternal rest grant unto the victims of this tragedy, O Lord, and let
>prepetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace, amen.
>"In the discharge of my official duty I shall endeavor to be guided by
>a just and unstrained construction of the Constitution, a careful
>observance of the distinction between the powers granted to the
>Federal Government and those reserved to the States or to the people,
>and by a cautious appreciation of those functions which by the
>Constitution and laws have been especially assigned to the executive
>branch of the
>-- First Inaugural Address of Grover Cleveland, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 1885
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