[MA-SOC] Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) April 28-29th

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Wed Apr 18 20:18:26 EDT 2007

I"m sorry this was your experience:-(
yes true enough all the things you said...I went last year too, I had a few friends with
I enjoyed it none the less as did that at least one person that came..I know only
because she really wants to go again this year, I don't know what the others thought..I
think they were a little less patient and just not as happy to be surrounded by the
nature as we were because of the crowds and lines...but I still found I had a really
nice day.

I do wish one could picnic..considering you only have that tent to eat and the lines and
prices I agree.....and everyone sitting about anyway...

I was disappointed that i couldn't see one darn thing as to perfomances...I expect the
same this year but since I don't go up there much at all I'll prob. head there that day
if at least one friend joins me and just enjoy the trees, plants, weather ..I won't go
unless it's nice that's for sure.....and I enjoy the people even if it is over crowded.

I think in light of what just happened (VT) and I know even in the midst of this tragedy
we have the War in the middle east with death every day....we have death every day here,
just in nyc alone not to mention the country and wars going on all over the
world......for whatever reason this happening just struck a chord in me...I feel like I
am grieving a bit...so I"m going to embrace life even if it's for the moment till I like
most of us do, go back into out lives just trying to do our own thing each day......and
I think I'll venture to the cherry blossoms or whatever plants choose to bloom that day
and smell the roses, just knowing I"m lucky just be alive another day...........

ok Yanagi, fades into the background again.....*(till the anime con, when you shall meet
me in person and have fun cause I say so:-})

> Well, there was a time -- many years ago -- when I really looked forward to
> attending Sakura Matsuri.  Unfortunately, that's no longer the case.

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