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I think Vol. 3 of the manga has just come out this month according to Amazon 
Jpn.  It's certainly interesting, Robo is an otaku who likes mecha models 
and a young girl who can manipulate voices, together as a pair of 
spies/detectives.  But the first ep was a little bland.. funny thing is in 
addition to L being Robo, Nakamura Shidou (Ryuk's voice in both the live 
action movie and anime) made a cameo also.  The intro has a short but very 
well done animation sequence too, not sure if that's the same art as the 


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> > For those who werre wondering what new Jpn dramas to watch, Sexy &
> > Robo's ep
> > 1 seemed less interesting that I thought, but I would continue to
> > follow it
> > since it's based on a hit manga and has Matsuyama Kei'ichi (L in live
> > action
> > note, he's such a dork here :) and the little girl who played the
> > younger
> > Zhang Ziyi in "Memoirs of a Geisha".
>I'd like to check this out, as I loved the manga (I still need to write a 
>review of it -- and it ends very abruptly, but maybe there's more not yet 
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