[MA-SOC] Metro Projector Fund-Raising Complete!

mandisa washington mandisaw at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 13 17:33:47 EDT 2007

I am very happy to announce that we have reached our fund-raising goal for the Metro Anime Projector Fund Drive! *yea*

We raised $785 (minus Paypal fees) in only one month, thanks to our generous contributors: Clyde, Joel, Ann (twice!), Ted, Jill, Charles H., Chad, Jimmy L., Ralph, Ofer, M. F. (so anonymous!), and Danny K.

This just goes to show what we can accomplish as a group, and I hope everyone's as proud of Metro as I am right now... *big grin*

Unless anybody raises any objections (like really soon), I'll go ahead and purchase our shiny new Metro Anime's own digital projector, and hopefully we'll be premiering it at the next meeting. *hopes*

Arigatou gozaimasu minna-san!


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