[MA-SOC] I"m soo excited!anyone going? Umm....?

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Fri Apr 13 12:09:02 EDT 2007

> You can take the 320 bus from the port authority out
> to the con.  Round trip (aka go for the day) is almost
> $6 for about a 15min ride to and from.

yup yup...true but I"d rather go for the 2 days or is it three for
that then do that for a day.
anyway...for now, I purchased my ticks for dec. so I can't plunk
down more and more at this point since like I said I have other
expenses coming up and a day even at anime next may make my pocket
hurt (merchandise).

anyway...I know you all go and looks like there will be a next year
if I want to try for it.
:-) hey but obvisouly AN is dear and true to many of  you and I
always said you all are a fountain of knowledge and experience
about the anime/manga scene so I can't say it's not worth reading
the opinions and posts on this too:-)

thanks B. I shall have something to keep my eyes open for next
year..I don't see my anime fandom diminishing anytime soon so I"m
sure it will be a consideration for next time.

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