[MA-SOC] Trepidation about the NY Anime Festival - Will it suck? Ihope not, but...

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Thu Apr 12 19:56:49 EDT 2007

while I appreciate your opinions on the events both past and possible present
upcoming and I know I"m sure you have been to way more then I ..well of course
you have cause this would be my first anime con of any kind....

I still can't let that dampen my excitement to at the very least have a few
days of fun (and I really can even make some fun even out of the experiences
you even list below if need be..or I"ll just show up for 2 days and still get
my $$ worth) or let it discourage me from looking forward to it, considering I
can't go to any other outside of nyc because it's too expensive with travel,
hotels etc...

I"m sure if for nothing else I'll meet some fun people, see some anime and just
enjoy that I'm in my big apple for this.
I saw some of the comic con, not in person, on tv...and heard a bit about it
from others......didn't sound so bad....though I wouldnt' have gone to it only
because I am only looking for a venue that is more specific to anime/manga and
things japanese/asian.....which they say they will be including music, culture,
etc.. as well.......and sci fi or comic cons won't cut if for me since they are
not specific to that.

if not first class I"ll be happy with second class since I already purchased
the ticket and heck if they fail to get this thing together they better do
refunds, lol..

but hey......so far......Jill, I"m inviting you so far to meet me and I'm going
to keep my eyes open for anyone else planning to go who wants to enjoy it in a
group as well.

of course there is like 7 months to go.......so there is hope it will 1, be set
up really well and 2, more of us want to get together for it just to have some
fun if nothing else...and one more thing....I think being the first time for
this here, one can expect some mishaps, some tweaking to go on....the idea is I
hope, it's sucessful enough to warrant more and with each year it can only

such is the way most of these kind of events go and this way I can at least say
I was at the first NY Anime Festival:-)
(and maybe bring home some sweet goodies and see some fun screenings, cosplay
costumes and who knows what else...meet my fantasy guy, lol...ok well that's
something else completly.......forget I said that!)

> Although they don't have much on the website, NYAF is so far offering:
> - vague promises of a cosplay masquerade (Where're the rules & sign-up?
> Don't they know people need some lead time?)

you have to remember they just are getting out the info....they do have 7
months. I have faith we will see it all coming to those that signed up the
newsletter.....again they know people will be buying tickets before hand so if
they mess up they better get ready for refunds.....my credit card company
doesn't fool around! argggggggggggggghhhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

> I'll probably go to this for a day, and I'd love to have a Metro Anime
> meetup, since we can find fun in mutual company regardless of what the NYAF
> organizers do to piss us off.

yeahhhhh Mandisa, that's the spirit:-) come at least for the day so I can see
other faces I know.......or dont' know or know well but heck...well you know
what I mean! roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! beep beep!

> But eh, if you can only afford one convention
> this year, and your budget/lifestyle can't swing a hotel stay, I'd say do a
> day-trip to AnimeNext instead. (http://www.animenext.org)

yeah unfortunatly I can't swing for hotel. I might be going to salem in oct too
so yup.....can't swing for anime next..I have thought about it being in NJ and
figured if I could I could find some of you maybe doing a group thing so maybe
even a hotel I can swing with a roomie or something and then there is travel,
bus, car? I prefer to go to those things if hotel and travel are to be in the
company of others and I"d be solo unless there was some kind of group thang..

but I hear ya....if I could I would do that first .....but since I can't......I
will have faith there will be a decent event for NY anime fest by Dec.
I don't mind dec..I prefer the cool weather, we are indoors anyway.....and who
needs tourists at this....we have plenty of anime/manga, japanophiles right
here in nyc/tristate to attend.
heck if it busts we'll just gather and make our own convention!

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