[MA-SOC] Obon

Willow Ravencraft EandZB at att.net
Thu Apr 12 15:50:32 EDT 2007

thank you for the info too.

I live right there (3 blocks away) and have often passed the
statue that is out front but I actually have never been inside..I
actaully wasn't sure if it was a private residence or what as to
anyone walking in. doi on me!

I would love to go to this but now I see if it's on july 8th I
have my group meeting then but if we have it in my apt. and it's
a planning meet for our upcoming sabbat circle then we may be
able to actually stop by if they end up having it there instead
of bryant park (depending on when it is and how long it
lasts)..and it's something we can definitly enjoy as part of our
circle so here's hoping.
or maybe I can have the meeting at BP.
        The "New York 2007 Obon Festival", is coordinated and
organized by The New York Buddhist Church.

        The New York Buddhist Church is located at 331-332
Riverside Drive, between West 105th and West 106th Streets, and
The New York Buddhist Church has been coordinating and
organizing an Obon Festival, annually, for the past several
years.  Rev. T. Kenjitsu NAKAGAKI, of The New York Buddhist
Church, is also Columbia University's Buddhist University

        Obon is an ancestor veneration festival, and I believe
that the spirits of dead ancestors are supposedly able to visit
you, during Obon.  Bon Odori is a folk dance, performed to
welcome the spirits of dead ancestors.  Tourou Nagashi is the
floating of paper lanterns down a river, to guide the spirits of
the dead, to the realm of the dead.

        Metro Anime has had excursions to previous "New York
Obon Festivals", before.  You can probably get more information,
about "New York 2007 Obon Festival", by contacting The New York
Buddhist Church.

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