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Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 11 01:22:23 EDT 2007

When I was a kid, I used to pick up Jpn magazines too every once in a while, 
just to gawk at all the pretty pictures printed on glossy paper, I still 
have some old Super Famicom (Jpn SNES) mags, it's amazing to look at what 
video games impressed us back then compared to all the photo-realistic 
graphics now :)

Back then I would always envy not being able to listen to the radio shows 
hosted by seiyuu, now some of them are even available on the internet.  The 
only exception was Shounen Jump (or the occasional Sunday), me and my 
classmates would take turns buying every issue so mainly we wouldn't miss 
the latest chapter of Dragonball or Yu Yu Hakusho :)  of course we were all 
semi-geussing too because we could only read half which is kanji, and 
they're used quite differently too.

When I mentioned instant availability, I compared to before when magazine 
staff would get a chance to preview shows months or years ahead of the 
general public, so we could wait in anticipation for what good stuffs that 
are about to come.  But nowadays, sometimes a Jpn site would be set up 
before an anime airs, or I don't care much about preview when I could just 
watch it on my own and decide.  Like now for most anime, I would just either 
visit the Jpn site, read all the char bio/story/staff/etc. to get the gist 
of everything I need.

I think video games mags/internet sites are a little different, since 
sources would tell us when the new "Super Paper Mario" would come out, which 
is today.. I got my copy but have no time to play yet.  I don't know, I 
don't find myself longing for an unaired anime compared to the upcoming 
video games (like I've waited Phoenix Wright 4 and Odin Sphere for months)..


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>I once had a 6-issue subscription to Protoculture which I ordered from 
>Right Stuf, unfortunately there was no renewal notification so it lapsed, 
>now I buy it when I see it in a store (found the last one in Borders 
>surprisingly).  It is more for people who like to read as it does not have 
>as many pictures as other mags but at $5.99 US (its a Canadian mag) it 
>won't break your budget.  I think it has improved a little as it now has 
>more color, also its reviews seem more objective than Newtype (which treats 
>every release as if its the greatest thing since sliced bread).  I also 
>like Newtype, although it is expensive it is beautiful to look at and they 
>have increased the number of sample episodes of anime on the enclosed DVD.  
>Animerica alas is no more (except as a little pamphlet distributed free in 
>stores like Best Buy).  I also enjoy Wizard's Anime Insider which has a fun 
>sense of humor.  Lately I have picked up the (somewhat expensive) habit of 
>buying Japanese magazines
>  (which I cannot read-yet), I especially like Megami magazine.  As for 
>being able to see the anime the same day an article appears this is often 
>not true.  For example I know it was months ago I read about "Seirei no 
>Morabito" but this just started showing recently.  Megami magazine has 
>articles about many anime which are not scheduled to start broadcasting 
>until July 2007.  I also find Newtype and Anime Insider to be good sources 
>of info on who got what license (along with Right Stuf's online 
>   Basically, if you just like to read about anime then I would say go with 
>Anime Insider (cheapest) or Protoculture (subscriptions still available 
>thru Right Stuf or probably from their website), if you can afford it and 
>enjoy looking at the art of anime then go with Newtype.  Remember, 
>magazines have a few advantages over online news, mainly that you don't 
>need a computer and you can still read them when/if your connection goes 
>down or the lights go out (they're also easier & safer to take when 
>                                                             Charlie F.
>Serdar Yegulalp <thegline at optonline.net> wrote:
>   Back when I lived in the city, I used to go down to the Tower Records 
>Outlet store on 4th St. and come away with many months-old back issues of 
>NewType (J) for a few bucks each. I had great fun grabbing them up (Ralph, 
>I think, remembers this), but mostly for the pictures and not so much for 
>any informational value. I think I discovered Hitoshi Doi's website around 
>that time, too.
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>Serdar Yegulalp
>thegline at optonline.net
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> > Protoculture and Animerica (they still around?) were from back in the
> > days,
> > they were good at the very beginning when internet wasn't around and
> > sources
> > were scarce. Nowadays magazines are pretty much not needed, at least
> > for
> > the introduction of the latest shows, since one could watch it on the
> > same
> > day.
> >
> > The Eng. Newtype started a couple of years ago, but after several
> > issues I
> > was greatly disappointed since I thought it would be a word to word
> > translation of the Jpn counterpart. I still have like 30-40 sealed
> > issues
> > of the US. Newtype stacked somewhere , I don't know why I subscribed
> > to them
> > before.
> >
> > Back in the early 90's I read Animage, Animedia, and soetimes
> > Newtype. Now
> > we have frequently updated official websites for every anime/drama on
> > air
> > (often interviews w/ seiyuu too), so...
> >
> > I liked some contributors from Animerica Extra (forgot what's the new
> > shoujo
> > title) back then.
> >
> > Rich
> >
> >
> > >From: Willow Ravencraft
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> > >
> > >hi,
> > >anyone know of this?
> > >I don't know if they had one before but saw this and I can't find
> > >any info but what is below.
> > >and not even sure if it's both dates or just one. if you know of
> > >a site that has more info or you are familiar with this do you
> > >have more info?
> > >
> > >also I am sure some of you are familiar with the magazine
> > >Protoculture. I am curious to hear opinions of comparison or
> > >likes and dislikes Proto vs New Type?
> > >also I found one copy in Barnes and noble but seems it's hard to
> > >come by (without subscribing) and wondering where you have seen
> > >it before locally on a more regular basis if I want to pick up a
> > >copy as they come out. I guess if they only come out 6 x a year
> > >it's a matter of guessing what month it may be out in the stores?
> > >
> > >July 8, 2007 - Sun
> > >New York Obon Festival
> > >Bryant Park
> > >42nd St @ 6th Avenue
> > >New York, NY
> > >
> > >Obon  July 9?
> > >Bryant Park
> > >(42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas)
> > >12:00 noon to 4:30 p.m.
> > >
> > >arigatougozaimasu,
> > >Willow
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