[MA-SOC] NYC Obon Festival

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Protoculture and Animerica (they still around?) were from back in the days, 
they were good at the very beginning when internet wasn't around and sources 
were scarce.  Nowadays magazines are pretty much not needed, at least for 
the introduction of the latest shows, since one could watch it on the same 

The Eng. Newtype started a couple of years ago, but after several issues I 
was greatly disappointed since I thought it would be a word to word 
translation of the Jpn counterpart.  I still have like 30-40 sealed issues 
of the US. Newtype stacked somewhere , I don't know why I subscribed to them 

Back in the early 90's I read Animage, Animedia, and soetimes Newtype.  Now 
we have frequently updated official websites for every anime/drama on air 
(often interviews w/ seiyuu too), so...

I liked some contributors from Animerica Extra (forgot what's the new shoujo 
title) back then.


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>anyone know of this?
>I don't know if they had one before but saw this and I can't find
>any info but what is below.
>and not even sure if it's both dates or just one. if you know of
>a site that has more info or you are familiar with this do you
>have more info?
>also I am sure some of you are familiar with the magazine
>Protoculture. I am curious to hear opinions of comparison or
>likes and dislikes Proto vs New Type?
>also I found one copy in Barnes and noble but seems it's hard to
>come by (without subscribing) and wondering where you have seen
>it before locally on a more regular basis if I want to pick up a
>copy as they come out. I guess if they only come out 6 x a year
>it's a matter of guessing what month it may be out in the stores?
>July 8, 2007 - Sun
>New York Obon Festival
>Bryant Park
>42nd St @ 6th Avenue
>New York, NY
>Obon — July 9?
>Bryant Park
>(42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas)
>12:00 noon to 4:30 p.m.
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