[MA-SOC] Current Viewing (was Re: Death Note, Blue Dragon, Claymore, etc.)

Ralph Young ralphyoung at optonline.net
Thu Apr 5 21:33:10 EDT 2007

I want to check out Claymore but haven't yet.

Finished Soukou no Strain this week, I'm really not sure if I liked the 
ending or not.  I have to hand it to S-Strain, though, it managed to 
introduce several characters, make me interested in them, and then kill them 
off, usually within the space of two or three episodes each.

I watched half of the "Welcome to the NHK" series a few months ago -- up to 
the then-current state of its fansubbing -- and then forgot to update.  I've 
gotten around to it again.  There is a cool story arc involving MMORPGs that 
I found a hoot, especially in that the MMORPG in question was a thinly 
veiled Final Fantasy XI (the only MMO I've more than fiddled with).

Speaking of MMORPGs, I still haven't seen the last two episodes of 
.Hack//ROOTS.  Has anybody else read the novel .Hack//AI Buster?  I so want 
to discuss its significance with another Hackophile but nobody I know has 
read it.

On the manga front, Genshiken Vol. 8 released, and I'm pleased with the plot 
development -- Genshiken being a laid-back slice-of-life comedy, its easy to 
forget there actually is a plot, but there are developments.  Wishy-washy 
Sasahara finally made a move with self-destructive Ogiue, and it played out 
somewhat differently than I had expected it to.  I am intrigued by how the 
story sort of rolled from a seriously shounen to a rather shoujo atmosphere; 
I'm not sure if its deliberate or not.

Still irritatedly waiting for the 4th volume of Yotsuba& to come out.  Grrr.

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> Regarding the Death Note anime, the inevitable came last night!  W/o
> spoilers, I read that same part in manga a year or two ago, it had quite 
> an
> impact then, I thought I would be rdy for it in the anime version, but 
> boy,
> was it presented skillfully and artistically.  I still feel the shivers 
> and
> sadness today even after watching the scene twice last night.  You gave me
> another reason to love you again Yamaguchi Kappei (since Saotome Ranma). 
> So
> that basically wraps up the first part of Death Note, I hope the 2nd part
> would be good, a little worried how cramped it would be since there aren't
> eps left.
> Busou Renkin ended last week at ep 26, all in all an excellent anime
> adaptation.  D. Gray-man is moving into the 2nd arc too, so still have 
> half
> a year to go, things would get fast here entering the battle w/ the Noah
> clan.
> Saw the 5 min trailer for Blue Dragon, I still don't like the new cast 
> since
> I was used to the game's original cast where I spent 60 hours w/.. Inoue
> Marina's Shu was better and the villain Nene sounds like a plain geezer 
> w/o
> Wakamoto Norio (Cell in DBZ).  The settting and characters'
> roles/relationship are very different too, can't be helped since it would 
> be
> 51 eps long.
> Claymore, no complaints, more Kuwashima Houko goodness for me :)  The 
> style
> reminds me of Nagano Mamoru's char. design (Five Star stories), a little
> exotic and out of the ordinary.  The gore is intact, except the lighting's 
> a
> little dark to cover to it.  Great ED too.
> Rich -- alrdy attracted by "Hayate no Gotoku!" (Hayate the Combat Butler)
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