[MA-SOC] ADV's so-called dominance (was Re: choosing animelegendsets)

Robert Kohr rob at kohr.tv
Thu Oct 5 00:48:46 EDT 2006

I have a question for you then since you have both.  I know for a  
fact that Region 1 dvds are usually dual layer meaning that they hold  
8.5 GB per disk.  Do the Region 2 Japanese DVD's hold the same?  I  
remember back in the day when Blue Sub six was out in japan and was  
released with one 30 minute episode to a dvd and then in the US later  
they were released 2 to a DVD (still a rip in my estimation)  But  
could it be that the Japanese just use regular DVDs and thats why  
they have less content?  Also I think they might use a bit rate  
closer to 8 MB per second where a lot of US stuff is 7 or lower.

Lots of VCD/DVDs from China/HK are region 0 anyway, probably not exactly

I think thats one of the hallmarks of a bootleg.  That or its by some  
company called "Manga" or "Anime" or something like that and they  
flash the company brand on the screen every 30 minutes or so.

As far as an expense do you suppose that there is more of a  
collectablilty culture in Japan then in the US?  That and I think  
they almost always have much smaller pressings of DVDs there then  
here, thus making the price per DVD much higher.  I am guessing that  
that is why a lot of R2 DVDs are in the 3700-5000 yen range per disk  
as opposed to 15 - 25 USD

So has anyone spoke about ADVs download service?


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On Oct 5, 2006, at 12:09 AM, Richard Fung wrote:

> Yeah, I sometimes have 1 & 2 mixed up :).. you would always see me  
> using
> them interchageably in the same paragraph by mistake.  At any rate,  
> you get
> the idea.. The "Honey & Clover" DVDs that I have are R2 Japan  
> version (i
> doubt it would be realeased in the US any time soon..) and I'm  
> getting the
> US R1 Geneon release of "The Law of Ueki" (Ueki no Housoku), jpn R2  
> version
> toooo expensive..
> Lots of VCD/DVDs from China/HK are region 0 anyway, probably not  
> exactly
> legit..
> Rich
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>> You have that reversed US is region 1 Japan is region 2:
>> 1 	Bermuda, Canada, United States and U.S. territories
>> 2 	The Middle East, Western Europe, Central Europe, Egypt, French
>> overseas territories, Greenland, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa and
>> Swaziland
>> 3 	Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Taiwan
>> 4 	Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Oceania, South America
>> 5 	The rest of Africa, Former Soviet Union, the Indian subcontinent,
>> Mongolia, North Korea
>> 6 	Mainland China
>> On Oct 4, 2006, at 11:39 PM, Richard Fung wrote:
>>> You know, American R2 DVDs are actually dirty cheap compared to the
>>> original
>>> R1 Japanese DVDs.. Eng. DVDs alrdy have more episodes packed onto
>>> one disc
>>> and more extras, have the subtitle and dub option, compared to the
>>> bareboned
>>> release from Japan (although that's slightly changing, Jpn DVDs are
>>> having
>>> more extras recently), yet fans here are still whining about not
>>> getting
>>> enough of this and that, so fastidious.
>>> I don't care much about how the intricacy of anime licences in  
>>> the U.S
>>> works.  I usually screen anime by downloading them raw as they air
>>> in Jpn,
>>> collect the fansub (done by good grps, not mediocre ones) if I
>>> think it's
>>> worth it.  If I like any series enough, I will buy either US or Jpn
>>> DVDS.
>>> Like "Honey & Clover", I have fansub by Solar (not C1, god no), and
>>> I also
>>> have the 9 volumes of R2 DVDs. I like the series so I buy it,
>>> despite having
>>> seen ea. episode more than once alrdy.  Plus I like to see the
>>> interview w/
>>> seiyuu.  Or "The Law of Ueki", I was watching the series every week
>>> over the
>>> past year, it ended a couple of months ago.  I collected all the
>>> episodes
>>> subbed by Shinsen, and I'm buying the Geneon DVDs now.  I'm not
>>> waiting
>>> years down the road to buy it when they release it as a box set,
>>> because
>>> Geneon count on their initial release being moved off the shells in
>>> local
>>> bestbuy.  You think they would have a chance of being made into a
>>> thin pak
>>> if the initial sales is not well.  I wish it has the "Paku Romi"
>>> interview
>>> like the Japanese counterpart, but it's a pity it doesn't.  So
>>> what, I'm
>>> still buying it, I got it from deepdiscountdvd saving a couple of
>>> bucks.
>>> Otherwise, pick up the Jpn version that's like 7,000 yen :)
>>> Well.. the thing is watching anime doesn't come cheap, just like
>>> any hobby.
>>> One can always find different ways of saving if you have patience.
>>> Like
>>> video games, if I like it enough, I buy it immediately after its
>>> release
>>> becaues I don't want to play it a year later.  If it's a title that
>>> I don't
>>> find particularly intriguing or I'm strapped for cash, I'll wait a
>>> year or
>>> two and then it becomes a "greatest hit" and cost $20 instead of
>>> $50.  If
>>> one feels like just playing a game, beating it, and forget about
>>> it, then
>>> sure, rent it from blockbuster, same idea.  I like to collect my
>>> favorite
>>> games, just like how I like to own my favorite anime and manga.
>>> Rich -- who's just watched ep 1 of "Busou Renkin", good but not
>>> great, some
>>> parts exceed the manga's presentation, animation qty leaves some  
>>> to be
>>> desired.  Music's excellent though.  But no OP song yet for the 1st
>>> episode.
>>>   ED sung by Jukai (Fate stay night's ED) sounds great.

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