[MA-SOC] PSP games, anyone?

Serdar Yegulalp thegline at optonline.net
Sun Oct 1 23:51:14 EDT 2006

> You might want to try Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror.  Really 
> really good game.  I would stay away from GITS: Stand Alone 
> Complex... bit of a weak title.

That was one of the disappointing ones, unfortunately.  Excruciating load
times (upwards of a minute between scenes!) really killed a lot of the fun
for me, and the one thing you thought they would include -- a single-player
shoot-'em'-up only mode -- didn't exist (just a head-to-head mode).  I
suffered with it for about a week before finally giving up.  File under: Try
Harder Next Time, Bandai.

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