[MA-SOC] Got a Job

Danny Minhas sejiro at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 27 13:11:52 EST 2006

Hey folks,

As some of you are aware, I used to work as a Recruiter.  I quit that job back in end of October.  My vacation has come and gone.

Last Friday, I accepted a job to work for the City of Philadelphia as a Business Analyst.  I'm not sure how the commute is going to be from central Jersey.  From the looks of the trin schedules it's a 2 hr commute.  It's mangeable cuzwhen I last worked in the city I'd be up at 5am, get to nyc at 6:45am, start working from 7:30am till about 8pm

So anyways I might be looking for an apartment.  Any suggestions on what sites or agencies to use?  I know of craigslist, but I'll take other recommendations.


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