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  I hope you had fun at I-CON.  From reading your email, it sounds  like you were a bit disappointed.  From what I read it sounds like  you were expecting an anime con.  I know I-CON is a Sci-Fi  convention, mostly catering to the Star Trek, Star Wars, B5, Serenity,  etc, etc. The anime portion has slowly been there, (I would estimate)  10 years.
  Not to defend I-CON, or to say anything that may be construed as  derogatory, but I-CON is not really an anime convention.  From  what I read, it sounded like you expected to see more anime emphasis at  I-CON.  I can tell you from all the years, that is and never will  be the case.  I-CON is a science fiction convention and that's  what the convention goer is to expect.
  HOWEVER, if you want an anime convention, I suggest AnimeNext.  It's a local con in NJ, it'll be held on June 16th - 18th

Charles Feldmeth <crfeldmeth at verizon.net> wrote:  This is my first direct post so I hope it works...
  Just thought I would post a few lines about the first 2 days of I-CON.  Friday the crowds were sparse, so much so that when I was watching Full  Metal Panic there were only 3 people (including myself) in a large  room. Unfortunately, not only is most of the anime being shown older  stuff in many cases they are showing all episodes of a few shows  instead of a few episodes from many shows. I don't knnow about you but  I have no interest in sitting for hours at a con watching 26 episodes  of 1 show. I just want to see enough to decide if it's something I want  to buy or not. The only anime I saw which drew a bit of a crowd was a  totally ridiculous hentai anime "Bible Black" (very good for many  unintentional laughs). On Saturday there were more people at the con  though it still was not as crowded as I thought it would be. One of the  shows I saw was something so new it was in Japanese only with no  subtitles so it was hard to figure out, it's called "Shinden" and looks  like
 "Macross" m!
 "Initial D" (aliens attack from another  dimension and some kids fight back with fancy cars). Anyone who sat  through it got a free 1-day pass for the Big Apple Comicon next weekend  though I haven't decided if I will go. I also spent more time on  Saturday at panels, some of which were crowded due to being held in  small classrooms (the "Obligatory Hentai Panel was SRO, also where I  met the only other person from Metro Anime). I also hit the dealer room  and for those of you coming Sunday just for that (sorry this is so late  but I didn't leave the con till 12:30 AM) be advised there are only a  few tables selling DVD's. One table was taking 20% off but the prices  were high to start with, however if you want manga they are also  discounting manga 20% off the cover price. There was a table selling  DVD's for $15 each, 2 for $25 or 5 or more for $10 each (I bought 6), I  think mostly US Manga Corps and they have the bar codes gouged out but  the discs seem ok. Mostly there are a
 lot of !
 selling  figures (also a lot of jewelry and t-shirts so it looked kind of like a  flea market). There were also a couple of tables selling soundtracks  & J-pop CD's but they did not have any prices on them. I'll  probably go back there tomorrow to see if there are any bargains but  then I'm only 20-25 minutes away.
 Hope to see some more of  my friends from Metro Anime there Sunday. Oh, I also hung out with a  fellow anime fan named Tom (a friend who he was to meet didn't show I  think) and I told him about Metro Anime so we may see him at our next  meeting.
                                              See you soon,
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