[MA-SOC] ADV Films warning -- nonexistent customer service

Oneirophile at aol.com Oneirophile at aol.com
Wed Mar 22 14:18:40 EST 2006

A "caveat emptor" to anyone who plans to order online from ADV Films'  
discount sales list:
This past Sunday the 19th, I attempted to place an order for several  on-sale 
DVDs and one manga via the ADV Films website.  After filling out  the order 
form carefully (not fer nuthin am I obsessive-compulsive  ^_^),  including my 
credit card info, I clicked on "Enter" and got the message:   "Fraud Service 
contacted, press back button."
So, I went back to the order form -- which was still filled out -- clicked  
on "Enter" again, and got the same f***ing message.  I then hit the Contact  
link and filled out the form for ADV Customer Service, telling them what  
No reply.  On Monday -- after doing a search for their phone number  (which 
is conveniently hidden in fine print) -- I phoned them during their  Central 
Zone business hours, and got a guy who said it was too early for the  order to 
have been processed, but I should try contacting Michelle  something-or-other 
in accounting on Tuesday.
Well, long story short, I tried to reach Michelle something-or-other three  
times since then, and apparently she is never in her office, so I had to leave 
a  message on her voicemail.... three times.  I gave my phone number AND  
e-mail in the message.  I also tried reaching Customer Service again and  other 
departments as well -- but apparently all their employees are on  a permanent 
lunch break, because all I got was *their* voicemail.
No reply.
I've just left another e-mail message for Customer Service via their online  
form, but I'm not holding my breath.
So far, my credit card has not been charged.  At this point, I have no  idea 
whether my order went through, or, if it did go through, whether it was  
erroneously duplicated because of my two attempts to submit the order  form.
I ordered from ADV Films once last year, and there was no problem.  I  don't 
know what has happened since then, but until and unless I hear from them,  I 
will think twice before ordering from them again.
Will keep you updated if there's any change for the better.... but till  
then, please be careful when and if you order online from ADV Films.
Your sadder-but-wiser buddy,
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("Bidden or not bidden, God is present")
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