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hello all. sorry for not getting back any sooner but i guess it's better 
late than never. :)

thanks for getting back to me. you gave a very good synopisis for steam 
detectives in addition to the link. from your description it sounds like 
something i'll watch.

by the way i didn't know that he was behind a couple of other works.


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> >Lets hear from Mandisa, our resident expert for all things Kia Asamiya.
> >> hi. i was wondering if anyone saw steam detectives and thought if it 
>was a
> >> worthwhile series. i enjoyed both the Nadesico & Silent Mobius animes 
> >> do
> >> you know if this would be a good pick?
>Heh, my reputation preceeds me. Steam Detectives is a good boy-detective 
>series, with a pretty even mix of comedy and drama throughout. There are 
>about 6 or 7 major recurring villains, that vary in the seriousness of 
>their motivations, styles, and crimes. It ran in Weekly Jump, so it's 
>younger-aimed than either Nadesico or Silent Mobius. I'd recommend watching 
>through the first volume, since it's got a decent mix of the major villains 
>and themes, and if you like it, rent the rest. (Or if you *really* like it, 
>get the thinpak set for ~$40.) Oh yeah, I haven't finished the last disc 
>yet, but the series ended prematurely in the manga version, so there might 
>not be total closure (but then Asamiya's series usually leave a back door 
>*Shameless Plug* I have an Asamiya website, with a Steam Detectives section 
>(hasn't been updated in a couple of years, though): 
>Peace, Love, and Steam,
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