[MA-SOC] *V For Vendetta*

TRAN, Si Bang mstchin at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 10 14:41:35 EST 2006

To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2006 March 10 Friday
Subj:	Re: [MA-SOC] *V For Vendetta*
Hello Everyone:
	Not too much definate response about possibly getting
together to view *V For Vendetta*.  
	Anthony, when you state, "Thursday is my best day after
7:15pm.", do you mean that you can actually attend a screening
beginning shortly after 7:15 PM, on Thursdays?  Or do you mean
that you can leave work shortly after 7:15 PM, on Thursdays?  
And is Thursdays the only possible day for you?  
	Danielle, when you state "Wednesday is a much better
night for me.", are Wednesday evenings, the only possible
evenings, for you?  
		"Any Fool can criticize, condemn, and complain
		- and most Fools do."

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