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Don't mean to correct anything.. actually Steam Detectives was first being 
run in Monthly Shonen Jump, and was later switched to "Young Jump" and 
"Ultra Jump", which is geared toward older audience instead of kids, I 
didn't think it the middle of the manga was that "shounen" anyway.. by the 
way, there's some nuances between "shounen" (more fantasic and otherworldly) 
and "seinen" (more down to earth that tackles realistic issues) manga, like 
"shoujo" or "jousei".. I'm sure you guys know that.


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> >Lets hear from Mandisa, our resident expert for all things Kia Asamiya.
> >> hi. i was wondering if anyone saw steam detectives and thought if it 
>was a
> >> worthwhile series. i enjoyed both the Nadesico & Silent Mobius animes 
> >> do
> >> you know if this would be a good pick?
>Heh, my reputation preceeds me. Steam Detectives is a good boy-detective 
>series, with a pretty even mix of comedy and drama throughout. There are 
>about 6 or 7 major recurring villains, that vary in the seriousness of 
>their motivations, styles, and crimes. It ran in Weekly Jump, so it's 
>younger-aimed than either Nadesico or Silent Mobius. I'd recommend watching 
>through the first volume, since it's got a decent mix of the major villains 
>and themes, and if you like it, rent the rest. (Or if you *really* like it, 
>get the thinpak set for ~$40.) Oh yeah, I haven't finished the last disc 
>yet, but the series ended prematurely in the manga version, so there might 
>not be total closure (but then Asamiya's series usually leave a back door 
>*Shameless Plug* I have an Asamiya website, with a Steam Detectives section 
>(hasn't been updated in a couple of years, though): 
>Peace, Love, and Steam,
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