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Segueing into a related topic, has anyone watched the new anime "Bartender"? 
Its another prodigy-talent infotainment style anime, doing for mixology what 
"Yakitate!! Japan" does for bread baking and "Hikaru no Go" does for Go.

The thing that makes Bartender stand out is that where most of the 
infotainment animes I've seen have been at least partially comedic and aimed 
at child amateurs starting out in a hobby, Bartender seems to be sincerely 
aimed at a mature audience and, while the amazing bartending talents of the 
protagonist are presented in an equally exaggerated way, the tone they seem 
to be trying for is not over-the-top and loopy but semi-mystical and 

Which is just downright weird.  While I have respect for mixology (and one 
of my friends is a three-time World Champion mixologist and prepares drink 
menus for vodka companies and hotel chains), the idea of presenting the art 
of bartending as something sublime and mystical just is a little too much 
for me.

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> The pickled ume (the salted pink/red ones) are delicious -- good at
> breakfast, even (will wake you up fast).  The ones that have been floating
> around in a liquor bottle for a year or so, not so much; they taste 
> somewhat
> like rubbing alcohol & the texture is just strange.
> On 12/20/06, Ofer Hirsch Gill <oferhirsch.gill at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I like ume plums. Heck, I even buy onigiri (rice triangles wrapped in
>> seaweed) stuffed with ume plum, that's how much I like it. Although I do
>> admit that it's an acquired taste, kinda like those dry red wines...
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