[MA-SOC] Identify this game please!

Ofer Hirsch Gill oferhirsch.gill at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 08:54:31 EDT 2006

If you're pressing the cowboy on the witness stand, you're only about
halfway done with the case. (Sorry to depress you...) His testimony opens up
even more questions that you'll have to explore and answer. I can't say any
more, or I'd get giving it away...

And yes, in the USA version, his name is Cowboy Marshall, and more
importantly, he talks with a Southern Spanish Cowboy accent, referring to
the defendant's younger sister as the "bambina" (since she's a baby compared
to everyone else age-wise). I find it hilarious that his security room is
decorated like a saloon with a cactus, cowboy doors, and all, yet he can't
figure out for his life how to use the security equipment (since cowboys
don't know how to use computers). Yes, the game is chock full of

Sadly, the USA version is only available in English. It'd be nice to hear
the "Take That!", "Hold it!", and "Objection!" screams in Japanese. And no,
I didn't see the trailer for the game with that argument between Pheonix and
Edgeworth. It sounds funny though. Oh yeah, and the game does a great job of
making Edgeworth look like a scapegoat, especially in the later cases in the
game. I feel bad for Edgeworth, even though he's the prosecutor you're
constantly up against.

Wowsers, Singapore sounds strict. No chewing? Heck, they'd probably arrest
me for an untied shoelace. I hope America doesn't elect a president that
makes us "safe" from terrorists by following after Singapore.

- Ofer

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