[MA-SOC] Identify this game please!

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 29 01:42:06 EDT 2006

Forgot to ask.. so does the U.S version include both English and Jpn option, 
or just English?  Because I like the US cover a lot, but I still want to be 
able to choose both.  In Japan, it's the other way  around, one of the main 
attraction of the DS version was the Eng. option (which the org. GBA version 
lacks).  Hey, did you see this funny Phoenix Wright special promo trailer, 
where Edgeworth was made fun of in the court when he was completly oblivious 
of the DS's existence, while he's still clinging to his pink GBA.  It's 
about 8 min long and very fun to hear everyone speak, the judge, Phoenix and 
Edgeworth going at each other, usually it's just "Matta / Igi-ari!" (Wait / 


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>Dang, you finished the game?  I'm pressing the cowboy guy Zaimon now (think
>his name is Marshall in Eng, how approriate).  Wonder if I still a long 
>to go.
>Tell me about it, the video is pretty annoying to say the least, w/ the
>ice-cream truck music :)
>I don't know about Singapore's conviction rate, but in Japan, defendants 
>almost always found guilty, so it's way better to be a prosecutor than a
>defense attorney, both in terms of pay and status.  I only know the law is
>very strict in Singapore, instead of paying a hefty fine, I think they
>actually banned chewing if I remember correctly, that's why their streets
>are some of the cleanest in the world.  The reason I know this is because
>before my family and I moved to the U.S., our other option was Singapore
>(they sent us some videos and all).  I guess it's nice to live there (only
>well educated people who have good jobs are allowed to immigrate there), 
>the extremely strict law sounds way too oppressive and I wasn't crazy about
>the all-year-around hot weather as I much prefer the 4 seasons.  I guess 
>worst of all is if I'm there, I wouldn't be playing the games I"m playing
>now due to heavy censorship (Down w/ Joe Lieberman :P)
>BTW, I just bought a copy of import "Dragon Quest 8" used for cheap a 
>of days ago, I'm surprised that there is no voice-over in the original at
>all, it's nice that the U.S version took the trouble of giving complete
>voice-over to all of the chars in so many scenes (in addition to the
>overhaul of the archaic DQ menu interface), most of the cast is british and
>Yangus has a cockney accent :)  I acutally played the Eng. DQ8 for like
>around 30 hrs, but the one save was accidently erased by my friend..
>Rich - well, back to being a lawyer :)
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> >Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 11:18:37 -0400
> >
> >I finished the Pheonix Wright game last night, including the fifth case.
> >(Yes, I pulled an all-nighter. My work productivity is going to be crap
> >today...) That video tape is annoying, and you have to point out 3 or 4
> >distnct flaws, requiring you to play and replay that video tape each 
> >and I wish I could mute that stupid circus-like Blue Badger music. Aside
> >from that, there are one or two slight twists in the second and third 
> >of court that had me caught in a loop. In real life, I'd make a terrible
> >defense lawyer, cause I kept having to restore my game after making the
> >wrong assertions in court. Real life doesn't let you "restore" after 
> >these kinds of mistakes.
> >
> >I'm playing the USA version of the game. As far as I can tell, the main
> >storylines in the 5 cases are the same for both this version and the
> >Japanese one. Wouldn't it be funny if, in making the USA version, they
> >decided to change who the killer is in some of the cases, just to throw
> >people for a loop? (Although this would be much more work for the
> >programmers and scriptwriters...) I'm suddenly thinking of the Dallas 
> >from 1980-81, since they left a cliffhanger episode at the end of spring:
> >"Who shot JR?" and filmed five scenes during summer, each one with 
> >different killing J.R., just to throw the press for a loop, and prevent
> >people from figuring out the real murderer until the next episode aired 
> >autumn on TV...
> >
> >So is being a defense lawyer really that bad in Japan? I've heard 
> >stories from Singapore (they convict something like 90% of the people
> >tried). They also arrest people for spitting chewing gum on a street. (In
> >New York City, the worst that happens for this is that you show up to 
> >Hall to pay a fine.) Are things worse for defendants in Japan than
> >Singapore?
> >
> >- Ofer
> >
> >

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