[MA-SOC] Identify this game please!

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 29 01:23:48 EDT 2006

Dang, you finished the game?  I'm pressing the cowboy guy Zaimon now (think 
his name is Marshall in Eng, how approriate).  Wonder if I still a long ways 
to go.

Tell me about it, the video is pretty annoying to say the least, w/ the 
ice-cream truck music :)

I don't know about Singapore's conviction rate, but in Japan, defendants are 
almost always found guilty, so it's way better to be a prosecutor than a 
defense attorney, both in terms of pay and status.  I only know the law is 
very strict in Singapore, instead of paying a hefty fine, I think they 
actually banned chewing if I remember correctly, that's why their streets 
are some of the cleanest in the world.  The reason I know this is because 
before my family and I moved to the U.S., our other option was Singapore 
(they sent us some videos and all).  I guess it's nice to live there (only 
well educated people who have good jobs are allowed to immigrate there), but 
the extremely strict law sounds way too oppressive and I wasn't crazy about 
the all-year-around hot weather as I much prefer the 4 seasons.  I guess the 
worst of all is if I'm there, I wouldn't be playing the games I"m playing 
now due to heavy censorship (Down w/ Joe Lieberman :P)

BTW, I just bought a copy of import "Dragon Quest 8" used for cheap a couple 
of days ago, I'm surprised that there is no voice-over in the original at 
all, it's nice that the U.S version took the trouble of giving complete 
voice-over to all of the chars in so many scenes (in addition to the 
overhaul of the archaic DQ menu interface), most of the cast is british and 
Yangus has a cockney accent :)  I acutally played the Eng. DQ8 for like 
around 30 hrs, but the one save was accidently erased by my friend..

Rich - well, back to being a lawyer :)

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>I finished the Pheonix Wright game last night, including the fifth case.
>(Yes, I pulled an all-nighter. My work productivity is going to be crap
>today...) That video tape is annoying, and you have to point out 3 or 4
>distnct flaws, requiring you to play and replay that video tape each time,
>and I wish I could mute that stupid circus-like Blue Badger music. Aside
>from that, there are one or two slight twists in the second and third days
>of court that had me caught in a loop. In real life, I'd make a terrible
>defense lawyer, cause I kept having to restore my game after making the
>wrong assertions in court. Real life doesn't let you "restore" after making
>these kinds of mistakes.
>I'm playing the USA version of the game. As far as I can tell, the main
>storylines in the 5 cases are the same for both this version and the
>Japanese one. Wouldn't it be funny if, in making the USA version, they
>decided to change who the killer is in some of the cases, just to throw
>people for a loop? (Although this would be much more work for the
>programmers and scriptwriters...) I'm suddenly thinking of the Dallas show
>from 1980-81, since they left a cliffhanger episode at the end of spring:
>"Who shot JR?" and filmed five scenes during summer, each one with someone
>different killing J.R., just to throw the press for a loop, and prevent
>people from figuring out the real murderer until the next episode aired in
>autumn on TV...
>So is being a defense lawyer really that bad in Japan? I've heard terrible
>stories from Singapore (they convict something like 90% of the people
>tried). They also arrest people for spitting chewing gum on a street. (In
>New York City, the worst that happens for this is that you show up to City
>Hall to pay a fine.) Are things worse for defendants in Japan than
>- Ofer
> > I didn't feel like playing it in Eng. right away because there would be 
> > suspense after you beat the game.. For the final case, have you gotten 
> > that surveillence video of the murder scene yet?  I think it's kinda
> > creepy
> > w/ the circus music.. you get to fast forward, rewind, or pause, to 
> > out where the testimony contradicts.  I'm stuck in the trial again (3rd
> > act), will take another go later.
> >
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