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Let me be perfectly clear, it was not my intention to brag or anything.  I'm 
only stating facts for what they are, and you seem to be arguing for 
argument's sake.  But if I don't say I'm fluent in so and so languages, 
people would say "Oh, who the hell are you to judge if a sub is correct?"

And pls, don't have the misconception that anime is this revered medium, and 
harder to translate the classic literatures or the "Bible", wouldn't it be 
demeaning to compare their status?  In Japan, regular/normal people don't 
want anime.  Only otakus do.  You tell a Jpn guy "Cowboy Bepop", he's like 
"Cow who?"  If you're talking about classics like Doraemon, Sazae-san, 
Dragonball, then yes, Jpn people would not look at you strange.

At the end of the day, anga/anime is an entertainment (and make no mistake, 
I'm very fond of it, otherwise I would've have started learning Japanese 
when I was 13),  nothing more and nothing less.  And I certainly appreciate 
the art aspect of it, because I'm quite an artist myself if you allow to say 


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>On 8/23/06, Richard Fung <aoshi00 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Just for the record, I can write, speak, and listen to Japanese (in
> > addition
> > to Chinese, Cantonese/Mandarin, and English), plain and simple.  Have 
> > ever taken another foreign language for years and finally be able to
> > understand it, let alone speaking it?
>Yep.  Two ancient (one of which I taught) & two modern, & reading knowledge
>of three others (though unfortunately lack of practice is moving the modern
>ones rapidly back to the latter category ...).
>So pls I implore you, spare me the lecture of the intricate "art" of
> > language/translation, if there's anybody who's not qualified to judge, I
> > think I have a slight advantage here, if you excuse me for saying so.
>And this advantage makes you less in need of fansubs & the like to start, 
>you will excuse me for saying so.  Most of us on here, as you keep pointing
>out, do not have the same language skills you do.  Even a 
>fansub is valuable to us, & I for one am grateful to the people who take 
>time to make them.
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