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Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 23 18:58:58 EDT 2006

I'm at work now an am not at the liberty of writing long pointless 
speeches.. just get this, you're like a guy who's never been on a 
battlefield telling a veteran solider how to freaking kill people in war, 
and the guy who's gone nuts in a retired home laughs at you. *sigh* 
Americans' ego and stubbornness..

Just curious, just what the heck are these "ancient" and "modern" languages 
are you talking about?  What don't you just simply say, eg. "I'm fluent in 
German, French, Spanish", what have you?
I've taken 2 years of Latin in high school too, so what, I dont talk about 
it because I'm not proficient enough in that language to "brag".  I always 
find it funny when people talk about how many years of French or Spanish 
they've taken in school, yet they can't even understand those languages 
orally, even a simple converstaion, let alone speaking it.

As for complaining on bad sub, um.. you never did it?  Hell, I've listened 
to all of you guys make fun and complain about HK English sub endlessyly.  
The English sub on those DVDs are secondary, the primary sub in Chinese is 
accurate and they throw in the Eng. for free, so why complain?  If people 
think the sub is so stupid, I always ask them to just turn off the sub and 
watch it in RAW if they're so knowledgeable, same idea.

I never said translation is easy, but it's not "impossible" like you said.  
Like Dan eloquently summed up, some groups do a good job of 75%-80% 
accuracy, some 80%-90%, some 90%-~100%.. I just found the ones w/ lots of 
mistakes an eyesore, because as soon as I hear what's said, I knew it's just 
plain wrong, and I"m not talking about if ghetto speech pattern is presented 

Well, tell me which language other than English you speak on a daily basis 
that makes you so higher than thou to lecture me.  I speak Mandarin and 
English fluenlty, both of which are not my mother tongue and required long 
years of dedictation and preserverance, because my aim to to speak them like 
a native.  I can converse w/ Japanese people, but not as fluently as my 
Chinese and English because I don't speak it everyday, but I can read Jpn 
newspapers and magaiznes fine.  BTW, trust me, reading manga is much much 
much easier than reading Jpn novels (say, Natsume Souseki's)

Lastly, people accused me (who's multi-lingual, both written and orally, no 
easy task to achieve btw) not being qualified to judge, but you are, Mandisa 
is?  Come on, just use some common sense, give me a break :)


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>On 8/23/06, Richard Fung <aoshi00 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Just for the record, I can write, speak, and listen to Japanese (in
> > addition
> > to Chinese, Cantonese/Mandarin, and English), plain and simple.  Have 
> > ever taken another foreign language for years and finally be able to
> > understand it, let alone speaking it?
>Yep.  Two ancient (one of which I taught) & two modern, & reading knowledge
>of three others (though unfortunately lack of practice is moving the modern
>ones rapidly back to the latter category ...).
>So pls I implore you, spare me the lecture of the intricate "art" of
> > language/translation, if there's anybody who's not qualified to judge, I
> > think I have a slight advantage here, if you excuse me for saying so.
>And this advantage makes you less in need of fansubs & the like to start, 
>you will excuse me for saying so.  Most of us on here, as you keep pointing
>out, do not have the same language skills you do.  Even a 
>fansub is valuable to us, & I for one am grateful to the people who take 
>time to make them.
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