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Interesting, lucky bastard you, just kiddin' :)  I did pick up Brain Age on 
my own later, only played it handful of times, told you I'm lazy... and pls 
don't bring back all those traumatic memories of me waiting in line to meet 
Miyamoto, all I'd gotten was a dang slice of pizza, and a glimpse of him 
waving to us from upstairs like a king to us poor peasants, lol.  On top of 
that, I forgot to bring my DS during those long hrs, so I ended up chatting 
w/ some kid's parents about games (that 6 yr-old could sure play games) and 
this freak going nonstop about how great the deceased virtual boy creator 
"Gunpei Kokoi" was...

Yep, hate these ripoff these days, in Ken Kutaragi's words, or was it Kaz 
Hirai's, well one of those Sony bastards, "it's like a PC, we want to give 
consumers choice w/ customization", or something like that.


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>i got there by chance.  i wasn't gonna, but my friend from upstate was
>moving the day after and we spent a day in the city and ended up at the
>nintendo world store...i was on the second floor and i asked jokingly 'so
>how bad's the line?' and she just went 'its right there' so i counted '1, 
>3...24.  ::dials friend up:: dude, you got a reserved lite here right?  
>the free gift?' and so it went from there.  we were in the 33 vicinity of
>the first 100, and we got flanked by cutters near the opening time.  if it
>weren't for the fact we made friends with the people in front and behind us
>it would've been problematic.  but yea the first 100 got a free carry case
>and a copy of brain age that i think they had excess of from the game
>developer's conference as they were all tagged with stickers marking its
>intended distribution, haha.  i only got the lite because i BROKE my ds
>though...but in hindsight the lite is very much worth it.  but if you still
>play lots of gba games uh...*cof* pick up the flash carts that fit flush
>with the lite and just load roms...but you didn't hear that from me.
>you mean the core system is gonna be gimped?  that's freakin retarded.  i
>hate the shit console companies have been pulling lately.  i'm assuming 
>reader's memory sticks and the like, probably to phase out old fashioned
>memory cards to move onto memory stick pro duos and make more money on 
>On 8/22/06, Richard Fung <aoshi00 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Wow, you stood in line for the DS Lite midnight release at the Nintendo
> > store?  I don't remember what was the special gift.. I thought of going
> > too,
> > but I didn't want to waste money on getting another Lite, since I've 
> > got the graphite DS *sob*.
> >
> > I've been pretty in control in the past couple of months, usually I
> > would've
> > gotten that list of games that I told you about.. I want to play 
> > III darn it.
> >
> > For the PS3, the other main difference is the lack of HDMI and WIFI, and
> > no
> > card reader.  I don't plan on playing online games and I don't have a
> > wireless router, but I have a small 23" LCD HD TV, so I think it's wiser
> > to
> > just spend the 100 bucks instead of regretting later not getting the 
> > features.  I don't know what card reader means, memory card?
> >
> > You're right, poking your head into this and that only gives you
> > temptation,
> > lol.. I actually set aside 600 bucks at one point, but had to use it for
> > emergency fixing my car...
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