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Well, not familiar w/ your book, but Robert Cormier's books also have their 
fair share of swearing, and as you know the Japanese language in and of 
inself really doesn't have that many curse words.. for example, this famous 
line in the "Chocolate War", just off the top of my head, because it made 
quite an impact on me when I read it back in 10th grade,

*Sitting on the bleachers out on the football field*,
Obie: "You know, life is sad sometimes."
Archie: "Life is shit."

In the Jpn translation,
Obie: "Jinsei-tte no wa kanashii na.."
Archie: "Jinsei nante kusokurae da yo"

"Kusokurae" literally means "eat shit", but in a sentence, it's more like 
"the Hell w/ that", or it has the equivalent meaning of English's "Fuck 
that".. so it's like "F*#% life", so there you have it.

If you're able to read Japanese (a lot of you 'sound' like you do :P), chk 
out this link below for two versions of Jpn tranlsations for some of the 
passages, (2) is the "All ages" edition, and (3) is the jr./high school 
student edition, they basically mean the same thing really.



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> > "Strega" into Japanese?  Impressive.  Details, please.  (I
> > know the book --
> > all else aside, how did they translate the swearing, & the,
> > erm, ethnic
> > speech patterns?)
>To quote someone else, "with great difficulty." :D It's been some time 
>I did this particular exercise, but I do still have the book somewhere in 
>possessions; at some point I could dig it out and see if I could match up
>one line with another.
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