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Serdar Yegulalp thegline at optonline.net
Tue Aug 22 19:44:49 EDT 2006

> There's this book, one of my favorites, called "Chocolate 
> War" I read in high school.  I must have read it in English 
> like half a dozen times at least.  A year or two ago I 
> finally bought from Amazon.jp and read the Jpn translations, 
> there are drastic differences between the 2 versions which 
> are geared toward young adults or adults.  But the meanings 
> conveyed are basically the same despite many nuances such as 
> the choice of words.

I'm really, really curious about this actually.  In the same vein, I picked
up a Japanese translation of one of Andrew Vachss's hard-boiled novels
("Strega"), and with the help of a more J-literate friend helped examine how
it differed from the original.  In the same way, there were changes, but for
the sake of parallelisms.

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