[MA-SOC] Fansub quality (was Re: utawaremuno)

Richard Fung aoshi00 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 22 17:15:10 EDT 2006

Oh man, this is rich.  Let's make one thing clear, I never meant to boast or 
anything.  But isn't it just plain amazing I'm being lectured on the issue 
of translation/language by a person who doesn't even speak more than one 
language?  I think you've gotta give someone who's been multi-lingual for 
years at least some credit.

Hey, and for all those hypocrites out there, pls dont ever say another word 
about HK sub being bad (as I aformentioned many times), because you 
shouldn't be buying illegal cheap stuffs in the first place, let alone 
complaining about it.

Well, Dan and Alberto said it all.  I'm only going to let people w/ "common 
sense" be the judge :).


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> >if somebody translates the Chinese phrase "Wo ai ni" (I love you) as 
>"What time are you going to lunch", if I say
> >that is inaccurate, then I'm a jerk :)?
>If the viewer doesn't know the Chinese phrase, and if the sentence fits the 
>context of the scene, including plot and character development, then the 
>point is moot.
> >All I'm doing is making friendly suggestion which groups I think make no 
>mistakes at all in their translation.  The thing >is anybody and everybody 
>can put out a sub, some people are clearly not qualified in subbing because 
>they have >taken a year or two of Japanese, I find that to be 
>Eh, it's impossible to create a perfect translation. Besides the literal 
>meaning of a phrase, there's the contextual connotation and the narrative 
>style to consider. There's also tone and pacing. As for minimum 
>qualifications for becoming a *volunteer* subbing group, producing *free* 
>fansubs (or cheap bootlegs), there are none. They can have a bare 
>understanding of Japanese, poor English grammar and vocabulary, and no 
>understanding even of which character is which. You're not paying for the 
>product, so there's no binding relationship of any kind. Since many series 
>are only released by one group (at a time), there isn't even the pressure 
>of market competition. So it sucks to be us, the anime fansub consumers.
>As for your listing, it would actually be pretty handy if fans compiled a 
>ranking or list of fansubbers' qualities, preferably with version info and 
>series specification. You'd want to get several different people's opinions 
>though, for the sake of completeness and fairness.
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