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(wow, it's been a while since I posted here...)

I've watched 19 of the eventual 26 episodes, and I've really enjoyed the series so far!  One (hopefully not too spoilery!) thing that I've especially liked are how rapidly and yet believably the scope of the story expands, first from the village to the surrounding country, then from the country to the world at large.  There are some really great characters that you meet along the way, lots of fantastic fight scenes and large-scale battles, and just enough mystery to keep things interesting. 

Really, my only complaint is a small but distracting ammount of ridiculous fanservice, mostly in the form of absurdly large breasts on otherwise acceptable female characters.

It's been liscensed by ADV, but so far the fansub group I follow has kept going with it.  


Here's to hoping they stick it out 'till the end!


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> Has anyone ever seen this show?  I've heard good things about it and just
> saw the first episode.  I'm so far interested in it, but wanted to know does
> it get better, or is it a show that has promise but drops the ball later on?
> Any feedback without spoilers is greatly appreciated
> -Danny
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