[MA-SOC] how was otakon?

Ofer Hirsch Gill ohg200 at nyu.edu
Tue Aug 8 15:36:43 EDT 2006


The social workshop was very poorly run, if you ask me. The two guys 
who ran it wasted an hour or so grouping everyone by random numbers 
and figuring out that they need to make everyone pick numbers out of a 
hat for a "speed date". I got the impression they had no clue what 
they were doing. Oh yeah, and a speed date that requires a one hour 
wait? Irony! 

Worse yet, we get to the speed-date portion they were promising and 
the first and second girls I finally get to talk to walk out on me 
because they're bored by the event, or so they said. Actually, a lot 
of people (men and women) got bored by the one hour wait and left. I 
was one of the few with patience. In the end, I made the final list 
for a woman that stayed till the end, but she ended up not choosing me 
anyway (mainly because of age, she was 18, and was disturbed by the 
fact that I'm 26...). Oh, and no, nobody smelled. (Thankfully!) But 
most of the people there were in the 18-19 range and considered me an 
old fogie, so that sorta sucked for me... Interesting note: Almost 
every woman wanted to pick the guy who cosplayed as Captain Sparrow 
from Pirates of the Caribbean. (I guess I'll never know what women 
want and I'll die alone. Oh well, at least I've got my anime and video 
games to keep me company...) 

Needless to say, that workshop was stressful. I actually felt more 
relaxed at a job interview, probably because company managers 
typically waste less time than those organizers at the social 
workshop. I could've used the two hours of the social workshop to 
watch anime, hang out at the artists alley or game room, or spend an 
extra $100 on junk at the dealer's room. That social workshop was 
clearly the worst thing I've attended at Otakon. I think I might make 
good on joining OtakuBooty as Danny suggests... Couldn't be a worse 
waste of my time than that workshop... Speaking of job interviews, 
I've passed an actual job interview. I have work right here in 
Manhattan! Hooray! At least something is going my way!

Zoe, if you're eager to run a social workshop, then please please 
please come into the event prepared! (For example, bring a hat, a 
pencil, and plenty of small pieces of paper if you want people drawing 
random numbers from a hat.) It sucks for everyone if you're preparing 
stuff on the fly while the workshop is going on and everyone is 
present and waiting for you to finish. Oh yeah, and it wouldn't hurt 
to require registration in advance before attending. (This will 
prevent people from walking out on the event in the middle of a speed-
date. It really hurt when those ladies walked out on me because they 
were bored by the event. I was bored too, but I was willing to duke it 
out in order to increase my chances at finding love... Yes, men DO get 
hurt when they're stood up...)

- Ofer

> What!! There was a social workshop? I totally missed that on the 
> schedule.:( I was actually thinking that something like that would 
> be a good idea.
> Otaku usually want to date other otaku, right? Despite the 2-to-1 
> ratio of
> men to women (weird, there are plenty of single female otaku, I 
> think? maybe
> they're scared by dating workshops...), was it well-run? 
> Stressful, or
> relaxed? Was everyone under 18 (horror)? Were they mostly wearing 
> deodorant?:)
> I wonder how an organizer could help to offset that 2-to-1 ratio. 
> Probablythey'd have to offer some incentive to make it less 
> stressful for women,
> like cakes and tea. :) Or they could include queer people too. 
> Although the
> workshop would need a more complicated ruleset to include a 
> variety of
> sexual preferences (hmm, that could be an interesting game to 
> Maybe I should run a workshop at Katsucon...

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