[MA-SOC] how was otakon?

Danny Minhas sejiro at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 11:51:01 EDT 2006

Well I have reserved the VIP suite in the Hyatt.  But that room is invite only due to the price of the room and there will be some heavy partying.  I called the Holiday Inn to make a back up reservation, but they informed me that there is no contract in place yet.  
  I might not even go to AnimeNext in 2007.  I might go to AX and stay out there for a few extra days due to having friends in Cali.  Those same friends are in NYC right now, since they came here to Otakon.
  There's just too many holidays I have to take off.  I mean I'm allowed 15 vacation days, but I'd like to go to Katsucon, and have some extra days left over for if/when I get sick.
  So I really doubt I'll be staffing AN this year.  I might just go on Saturday.

Serdar Yegulalp <thegline at optonline.net> wrote:
  > BTW, Otakon dates for next year are July 20th - July 22nd
> AnimeNExt is July 6th-8th
> AnimeExpo is Jun 29th - July 2nd.

Any word on when the hotel blocks for Otakon will be made available? I'm
booking for several other people so this is always a concern for me...

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Serdar Yegulalp
thegline at optonline.net

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