[MA-SOC] how was otakon?

Danny Minhas sejiro at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 11:08:42 EDT 2006

Hey Guys,
  Otakon was a blast.  I didn't really spend much time in the panels.  Actually I went to the Hentai a Go Go panel and the WTF panel.   Both panels were run by friends of mine.  Hentai a go-go was pretty cool.  Pretty much described the different types of hentai, their originations, and showed how far back in Japanese history they have been.  It was pretty informative.  I was impressed.  The WTF panel was just that, most pictures that made you go 'WTF'
  In the Dealer's room I scored some awesome deals.  Giant Robo & Samurai Kyo box for $30 each, Gundam Zeta box for $40, and many other deals.
  As for parties....well I probably spent about $300 on liquor that weekend, so there were crazy parties in my rooms from Thurs night till Sat night.

  BTW, Otakon dates for next year are July 20th - July 22nd
  AnimeNExt is July 6th-8th
  AnimeExpo is Jun 29th - July 2nd.
  July 2007 is going to be a very crazy busy month.
B Smith <ifuritaoni at yahoo.com> wrote:

Sounds like it was fun.



--- Zoh wrote:

> I had an awesome time at Otakon!
> Sold lots of Death Note fan t-shirts at the Artists'
> Alley. I have the
> designs available online, too, for other obsessed
> fans who would like to
> order some: ^_^
> http://www.xnxdesigns.com/dn_shirts.html
> One of the most interesting features at this years'
> Otakon was the presence
> of several companies specializing in dating sims and
> visual novel DVD games.
> It seems like Japanese and Korean dating sims are
> just starting to be
> licensed in North America. Previously (and correct
> me if I'm wrong here)
> it's been a bit difficult to get translations of
> these games, or even have
> access to them at all.
> Seems like some companies are also creating games
> in-house for distribution
> in North America. There were two panels on dating
> sims/visual novels, making
> it somewhat of a hot topic this year.
> Disappointingly, the instructor for
> the "Creating Visual Novels" workshop never showed
> up. I hope that more
> people learn how to make these games, and that
> creating original visual
> novels and doujinshi games can start to become a
> popular activity in North
> American fandom as well.
> Overall, Otakon 2006 felt noticeably more crowded
> than in the past. Despite
> that, I managed to run into quite a few people who I
> knew. I thought the
> Otakon staff handled the daunting crowds in a
> professional manner.
> As always, the cosplay was wonderful. My photos
> should be online in a few
> days, and I'll post the link here.
> Still in vacation mode,
> Zoh
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