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Date:	2005 March 31 Thursday
Subj:	[MA-SOC] Otaku Culture
Hello Everyone:
	Having read a bit of the scholarly literature on *Star
Trek* fandom, several years ago, I am quite wary of what any
study might say about anime fandom or manga fandom.  
    2005 June 9 Thursday at 6:30 PM: Panel Discussion,
	"Fanatics, Cuties And Geeks: The Otaku Phenomenon And
	Its Impact Abroad".  
	In 1980s Japan, the expression otaku came to describe a
    subculture of manga and anime-obsessed misfits.  Despite its
    negative connotation in Japan, in the West, otaku is often
    positively associated with Japan's cutting-edge coolness,
    including the latest in gadget technologies and the growing
    trendiness of manga and anime fandom.  Aiming to examine the
    origins of the otaku phenomenon and its impact and
    incarnations abroad, this panel features Lawrence ENG, otaku
    fan cultures expert and Ph.D. candidate at Rensselaer	
    Polytechnic Institute, and Ed HALTER, regular contributor to
    the *Village Voice* and organizer of the "New York	
    Underground Film Festival".  Moderated by Thomas LOOSER,
    Associate Professor of East Asian Studies at New York
	    Mr. Lawrence ENG, Ph.D. Candidate, in the Department
		Of Science And Technology Studies, at Rensselaer
		Polytechnic Institute.  
	    Mr. Ed HALTER, Writer, Critic and Film Curator,
		regular contributor to the *Village Voice* and
		Executive Director of "New York	Underground Film
	    Prof. Thomas LOOSER, Associate Professor, in the
		Department Of East Asian Studies, at New York
	    Japan Society; 333 East 47th Street, between First
		and Second Avenues, in Manhattan.  
	    Japan Society; 333 East 47th Street, between First
		and Second Avenues, in Manhattan.  
	    $10.00 for Nonmembers; $8.00 for Members; $8.00 for
		Seniors; $5.00 for Students.  
Apparently, Mr. Eng is doing research on anime fandom, in the
United States.  And Prof. Looser, formerly of the Department Of
East Asian Studies, at McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec,
is co-authoring a book with Prof. Thomas LAMARRE, on anime, in
its native cultural context.  
	Hopefully, I will like what Mr. Eng says about anime
fandom more than what Prof. Susan Jolliffe NAPIER has wrote.  
			"I'm the biggest idealist of them all,
			because I think ideas matter."

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