[MA-SOC] Re: Transcription, Grammar, and Slamming Mike

Oneirophile at aol.com Oneirophile at aol.com
Fri Mar 18 13:04:10 EST 2005

Hi Peggy --

Please re-read our posts (i.e., from myself, Tasha, and Erin) on this 
subject.  You will note that they were all expressed with gentleness, affection, 
honesty, and -- yes -- manners.  No one was attacking you personally.... we were 
simply expressing ourselves (just as you did), and politely defending Mike's 
right to express himself in his own style.

You and some others disagreed with Mike, and IMHO some of the language used 
against him was pretty harsh (he was called "rude" and "a show-off").  Tasha, 
Erin, and I disagreed with these statements, but we did not use any such harsh 
language against any of you.  We simply commented that Mike is an awesomely 
intelligent person, and does not deserve to be called names simply because of 
his personal stylistic quirks.  That hardly constitutes flaming.

Peggy, you too are an awesomely intelligent person, but it appears that 
you're holding onto the same misconception that you accused Tasha, Erin, and me of 
having -- i.e., mistaking polite, constructive criticism for an ad hominem 

Nobody was threatening your right to express yourself, we were simply 
requesting (not demanding) a cessation of the harsh language against Mike by yourself 
and some others.  Ralph and Rich understood this, and I thank and commend 
them for having written again to amend their earlier comments, and to express 
their heartfelt support of Mike despite their disagreement with his style of 
expression.  You too have expressed your friendship for Mike, and I respect you 
for that as well.

As I said before:  Let's chill.  (Or, in Tasha's words, "Hakuna Matata"!)  
I'm OK, you're OK, Maikeru-san's OK.  On to the next topic, onegaishimasu!

Peace and Pocky,

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In a message dated 3/18/2005 10:10:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Peggy.Tanusukma at us.penguingroup.com writes:
Manners goes both ways, as everyone knows, and every action has a reaction-
if you don't impose your quirks on me, I won't impose my quirks (extreme
honesty? non-diplomacy?) on you. 

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