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To:	Anybody, Everybody And Somebody
From:	Maikeru
Date:	2005 March 17 Thursday
Subj:	[MA-SOC] Ms. MIZOGUCHI Akiko & *Kizuna*
Hello Everyone:
	Since there seems to be so such interest in Japan
Society's "Otaku Cinema Slam!" Film And Video Festival ... 
	Those of you who missed Ms. MIZOGUCHI Akiko wonderful
lecture, "Homophobic Homos, Rapes Of Love, And Queer Lesbians In
Japanese Yaoi Comics", at New York University, on 2004 March 8
Monday, will have another opportunity to hear Ms. Mizoguchi
lecture on Yaoi, on May 13 Friday, at Japan Society.  
    2005 May 13 Friday at 6:30 PM: Video Screening "Kizuna,
	Parts 1 & 2".  
	These two episodes of the anime adaptation of one of the
    bestselling Yaoi comics depict a love triangle between
    Ranmaru, Kei and Kai, as well as a tangled family drama
    between two brothers, Kei and Kai.  Yaoi is a cultic
    subculture genre of manga with a theme of male to male
    romantic love that is primarily read by women, but also has
    a strong presence in the Comicket (comic market) estimated
    to draw one million fans in Japan.  MIZOGUCHI Akiko of the
    National Film Center, Tokyo gives an introductory lecture on
    yaoi, followed by a talk by manga artist KODAKA Kodaka.
	    Ms. MIZOGUCHI Akiko, National Film Center, National
		Museum Of Modern Art, Tokyo, and Ph.D. Candidate
		in the Graduate Program In Visual And Cultural
		Studies at Rochester University.  
	    Ms. KODAKA Kodaka, manga-ka and creator of *Kizuna*.
	    Japan Society; 333 East 47th Street, between First
		and Second Avenues, in Manhattan.  
	    Japan Society; 333 East 47th Street, between First
		and Second Avenues, in Manhattan.  
	    $10.00 for Nonmembers; $5.00 for Members; $5.00 for
		Seniors; $5.00 for Students.  
Anyone want to go learn about Yaoi (^_^)?  
			"I'm the biggest idealist of them all,
			because I think ideas matter."

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