[MA-SOC] Re: Venting about anime for a moment...

zoe zoe at metasomatic.net
Tue Mar 1 13:38:59 EST 2005

> Hmmm. Quite a coincidence that the medium that is booming is the one that
> can't be readily duplicated or posted online, whereas the medium that has
> hit a wall is the one that can be duplicated and pirated at will.

Ah, I beg to differ... almost every manga I've ever bought was something that
I'd already read online. I love that groups are "scanslating" almost every
manga out there, but that definitely doesn't stop me from buying it when it
comes out. In fact, I definitely buy more manga because of being initially
exposed to it in scanslated format.

I think that you are right, in the sense that manga's salability has to do in
part with the nature of the media. For me, it's more enjoyable to read manga
on paper than using CDisplay. I'm a sysadmin and stare at a computer screen
all day, so it's nice to come home and stare at something that's not

However, there are also other factors that tie into why I buy so much manga
that I've already downloaded. I often prefer the official manga translations
to the varying quality of scanslations available on IRC (this is different
than anime..  where occasionally I've been dissapointed by the quality of
official subtitles that stray too far from the original script).  Especially
Del Ray manga - their detailed translations are awesome! They even have
interesting notes about the translations at the end. That's totally worth my
$10! Lastly, scanslation groups are very good about stopping their
translations immediately when a show is licensed, often in the middle of an
important plot point. I admittedly don't know much about how this works with
anime subbers, but if you've only gotten to volume 5 in Tokyo Babylon, you'll
definitely buy the volumes as they come out in paper to see what happens in
#6 and #7... and once you have two volumes, you may as well buy the rest as
well (you see where this is going :). Soon you have a gigantic wall of manga
that's threatening to swallow your entire bedroom. Yay!


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